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How it all began

My name is Anna Mlodzianowska.

I am an incurable optimist, a lifelong learner, an animal lover and a vegetarian. I was born in Poland but now I live in the Netherlands- a country of water, tulips, cheese and direct people. I'm a mother of a teenage son Beniamin and have been successfully running two companies, Abam Advies and Selfum. As an expat, I know how difficult it is to live in a new country. That is why I decided to start helping people from abroad to assimilate with the Dutch community, their taxes, laws and other rules. Meanwhile, I realized that people needed something more. They needed to be listened to, understood and receive help on their emotional, mental and social level. I decided to apply a holistic approach to my work.

I have a master’s degree in political science and a postgraduate diploma in Public Relations. I was a trainer of diplomats and businessmen in Poland in the area of diplomacy and business culture. However, when I came to the Netherlands I started my career as a coach from scratch. I wanted to serve people even better so I started to look for new possibilities.

Studying at CTI (Coaches Training Institute) made me understand how powerful coaching is and how it can change my life as well as lives of all the people around me.

I also did a lot of courses such as Theta Healing at Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, Emotional Freedom Techniques by Tinka Craig and Feng Shui at Feng Shui Design Academy by Wena Brussaard, just to name a few.

I believe that everyone is unique and has endless possibilities. However, people sometimes need someone else’s help and there is no shame attached to it. That is how we can become even better versions of ourselves.

Do you want to know more about me?

Do not hesitate to contact me.


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