Heal your expat life with expatriation coaching

Being an expat is not as easy as many people think. It brings new opportunities and excitement but also some challenges, such as:

● culture shock,
● language barrier,
● facing different business and work culture,
● lack of professional network,
● problems with finding new job,
● missing friends and family,
● lack of friends and trouble making new ones,
● feeling unhappy with the decision of moving abroad,
● feeling your closest ones are unhappy with you moving abroad,
● bad mental condition connected with moving,
● relationship difficulties,
● being tired of an expats life and a will to settle down,

The coaching sessions with me can help you to overcome all of these problems and to create your happy life.

What are we going to do?

1. Make you familiar with new culture.
2. Help you to find new job.
3. Look for the business network suited to your needs.
4. Help you to find new friends.
5. Create a new happy home with your loved ones.
6. Improve your mental condition.
7. Help you to settle down in a new place and feel at home.

What does it mean to you?

It means:
● living abroad will become easier,
● you will be and feel an integrated part of a community,
● you can live your new life abroad like at home- no matter where you live,
● happiness and fulfillment will return,
● relationships will bloom,
● you will be excited and motivated again to live your new better life!

Sounds interesting?
Do you want to hear more?

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