What our customers say

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Selfum man

This coaching was a very nice experience and it helped me a lot. Anna (the coach) had a good sense of humor and that made it more pleasant for me.

Sometimes it was very hard for me to answer her questions and I also had enough of her questions but now they make much more sense to me and I know why she asked me them She also had a nice calming and relaxing tone so I wasn't so stressed and uncomfortable. For the first time in a long time I felt understood and listened to.

Now 2 weeks after I feel much better and I'm finally happy and relaxed. If you would have any questions to me about my experience this is my email robertjefferson120@gmail.com.

- Robert Jefferson, 32 years, technical university student.

Selfum Woman

Anna! Thank you for our meetings. You helped me so much!I really appreciate your help in facing my fears and find lots of support and meaning in our meetings.

- Christina, 36 years, housewife


Selfum people

Dear Anna,

It is getting better with my back.

Thank you for our sessions. The pleasure, growth and honor was completely on my side. You really helped me gaining more confidence in my job. And you, you are a great coach!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Patrick, 52 years, trainer